Salzburg, Bibliothek der Erzabtei St. Peter, a. IX. 32

Salzburg, Bibliothek der Erzabtei St. Peter, a. IX. 32

Weltliches Recht im Frankenreich


Salzburg (Austria)
Bibliothek der Erzabtei St. Peter
a. IX. 32

Siglum (by Mordek 1995): Sa


1st half of the 11th century, Salzburg (according to Wind and Hehl), Cologne (according to Kottje) (Mordek)

Physical description:

Material: Parchment
Number: 218 foll.
Size: 272-280 x 217-220 mm
Text block: 215-230 x 145-160 mm
Lines: 29-30

Script: Caroline minuscule



  • 1r
    front page
  • 1v
    Epistola formata
  • 2r - 90v
    Cresconius, Collectio canonum
  • 91r - 116r
    collection of 190 canons of Hispanic and Gallo-Frankish councils
  • 116v
    Prologue to the Paenitentiale (Pseudo-)Bedae (slightly younger addendum)
  • 117r - 134r
    Hrabanus Maurus, Paenitentiale ad Heribaldum
  • 134r - 142v
    Collectio 12 capitulorum
  • 142v - 145r
    Collectio 17 capitulorum
  • 145r - 157v, 166r - 167v, 168v, 198v - 202r
    various canonical and theological texts
  • 157v - 166r
    Collectio Vetus Gallica (excerpt)
  • 167v - 168v
    Isidore, Sententiae (excerpts)
  • 168v - 198v
  • 195v - 196r
    Leges Langobardorum (Liutprandi leges)
  • 202r - 207r
    Capitula Angilramni
  • 207r - 218r
    excerpts from canonical texts and capitularies
  • 218v
    probationes pennae (14th century), prayer



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