Lex Suavorum

Lex Suavorum

1. Introduction

Four BNF manuscripts (Lat. 4628A, 4631, 4760, 10758) convey the so-called Collectio Neustrica, a compilation of different legal texts, which can be dated to approx. 807. In the list of titles of this collection, c. XVII mentions a Lex Suavorum, its first sentence and the information that it consisted of 17 chapters. Since the Collectio Neustrica, however, ends in all manuscripts after chapter 14, the text of this “Book of the Swabians” has not been preserved.

2. Edition

3. Reading recommendations (2000 onwards)

  • Karl Ubl, Recht in der Region. Die Rezeption von leges und capitula im karolingischen Alemannien, in: Jürgen Dendorfer / Heinrich Maulhardt / R. Johanna Regnath / Thomas Zotz (Eds.), 817 – Die urkundliche Ersterwähnung von Villingen und Schwenningen. Alemannien und das Reich in der Zeit Kaiser Ludwigs des Frommen (Veröffentlichung des Alemannischen Instituts Freiburg i. Br. 83), Ostfildern 2016, 207-223.

4. Further resources

  • Blogpost by Karl Ubl regarding the manuscript Paris Lat. 10758 and the Collectio Neustrica on the website of the project “Capitularia. Edition of the Frankish capitularies”

5. Manuscripts

No extant manuscripts.