Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Reg. Lat. 846

Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Reg. Lat. 846

Weltliches Recht im Frankenreich


Vatikan (Vatican City State)
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Reg. Lat. 846

Siglum (by Mordek 1995): V13
Siglum (by Eckhardt 1962): E 11

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N.B.: Bernhard Bischoff mentions incorrectly the Codex Theodosianus for this codex.


8th century (Hänel, Mommsen, Meyer); 820s/30s, Tours (Liebs); 1st quarter of the 9th century, France (Mordek, „vom Hofe abhängig, in Tours-ähnlichem Stil“ [Bischoff]); 1st quarter of the 9th century (Eckhardt 1962 following Bischoff); 1st quarter of the 9th century (Bischoff)

1647 in possession of Alexandre Petau. (Eckhardt 1962)

Physical description:

Material: Parchment
Number: 114 foll.
Size: 245 x 192-195 mm
Text block: 200 x 135-140 mm
Lines: 25

Script: Caroline minuscule and Tironian notes



  • 1r
    table of contents by Petaus; alphabet, excercise syllables for learning Tironian notes and parts of the Lord's Prayer (9th/10th century)
  • 1v - 67v
    Epitome Aegidii of the Lex Romana Visigothorum (list of titles and text; foll. 1v-8v additions to the capitulatio in Tironian notes)
  • 68r - 79r
    Isidore, Etymologiae
  • 79v - 96r
    Lex Salica (type E, list of kings, list of titles, long prologue and text) Stemma
  • 96r - 97v
    Childeberti II decretio
  • 97v
    Lex Salica (type E, epilogue)
  • 97v - 98v
    Capitulare Haristallense
  • 99r - 114v
    various texts (mostly in Tironian notes, e.g. Defensor of Ligugé, Liber scintillarum and Eucherius of Lyon, Instructiones as well as Isidore, Etymologiae)



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