Leiden, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, Voss. Lat. O. 86

Leiden, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, Voss. Lat. O. 86

Weltliches Recht im Frankenreich


Leiden (Netherlands)
Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit
Voss. Lat. O. 86

Siglum (by Eckhardt 1962): K 18


1st half of the 9th century, Paris area (Eckhardt 1962 following Bischoff); 1st third of the 9th century, presumably Paris area (Bischoff); 9th / beginning of the 10th century, Trier (?) (Rio)

First possibly at the Trier cathedral library, then 1603 in possession of Paul Petau, afterwards owned by his son Alexandre. After Christina of Sweden the codex was in possession of Isaac Vossius, and then of Gerhard Vossius, before bought by the Leiden library. (Eckhardt 1962, de Meyier)

Physical description:

Material: Parchment
Quires: 3.IV24 + (IV-2)30 + (IV-3)35 + (IV-2)41 + 4.IV73 + 2 folia75 + V85, quire numbers A-C (foll. 8v, 16v, 24v) and I-M (foll. 49v, 57v, 65v, 73v)
Number: 85 foll.
Size: 160 x 100 mm
Text block: 125-140 x 70-85 mm
Lines: 31, 30, 22

Script: Caroline minuscule, rubrics, perhaps two scribes (foll. 1r-35v, 42r-73r and 36r-41v, 74r-85v)
Binding: Binding of the 18th/19th century



  • Ir
    Table of contents
  • 1r - 31r
    Liber Historiae Francorum
  • 31v - 35v
    Inventio S. Crucis: Rufinus, Church history X, 7
  • 36r - 41v
    Formulae Marculfi, Nr. 8-9
  • 42r - 70r
    Lex Salica Karolina (list of titles and text)
  • 70r - 71r
  • 71v - 84r
    translation of the Liber Tobiae by Hieronymus
  • 84r - 85v


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