Warsaw, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, 1 [Quart 1]

Warsaw, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, 1 [Quart 1]

Weltliches Recht im Frankenreich


Warschau (Poland)
Biblioteka Uniwersytecka
1 [Quart 1]

Siglum (by Mordek 1995): Wa
Siglum (by Eckhardt 1962): E 13

Digital image available at Biblioteka Uniwersytecka Warszawie

Note(s): According to Mommsen this is the twin codex of Berlin, Staatsbibliothek - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Lat. qu. 150


9th century, Gaul (Hänel); 1st to 2nd quarter of the 9th century, Tours (Mordek, Liebs); 2nd quarter of the 9th century, Tours (or leges-scriptorium?) (Bischoff); after 815, Tours (Eckhardt 1962 following Bischoff); late 9th century (Meyer); 1st/2nd quarter of the 9th century (Bischoff)

From the Collège Clermont in Paris; in possession of Professor Friedrich L. Keller in 1849; bought by Warsaw Library in 1862 from Keller's estate. (Eckhardt 1962)

Physical description:

Material: Parchment
Number: 269 foll.
Size: 235 x 165 mm
Text block: ca. 180 x 130 mm
Lines: 24

Script: Caroline minuscule



  • 1r - 206r
    Lex Romana Visigothorum (commonitorium, capitulationes and text)
  • 206v - 223v
    Lex Salica (type E, long prologue, list of titles and text) Stemma
  • 223v - 225v
    Childeberti II decretio
  • 225v
    Lex Salica (epilogue)
  • 226r - 250v
    collection of formulae from Tours with additamenta
  • 251r - 254r
    Isidore, Etymologiae (excerpt)
  • 254v - 268v
    excerpt from the council part of the Collectio Dionysiana
  • 268v - 269r
    Additamentum 8 of the Tours' collection of formulae
  • 269r
    excerpt from Siricius
  • 269r - v
    Latin-Latin synonym glossary



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