Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare Eusebiana, CXXII

Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare Eusebiana, CXXII

Weltliches Recht im Frankenreich


Vercelli (Italy)
Biblioteca Capitolare Eusebiana


late 10th or 1st half of the 11th century, Umbro-Roman (Kaiser); after the mid-11th century, Rome area

Physical description:

Number: 187 foll.
Size: 320 x 250 mm

Lines: 29-30




  • 1r
  • 1va - 3vb
    description of the burial sites of the twelve apostles
  • 3vb - 5vb
    pseudo-Hieronymus, Expositio IIII evangeliorum
  • 5vb - 6rb
    glosses to the Codex Iustinianus
  • 6rb - vb
    Lex Salica (Karolina emendata, Capp. 22-23)
  • 6vb - 7vb
    Const. Imperatoriam to the Institutiones of Iustinian
  • 8ra - 13vb
    list of titles to the Epitome Iuliani from Cap. 211 onwards, to the appendix B as well as to the beginning of the Dictatum de consiliariis
  • 13vb - 15rb
    list of titles to the Lex Dei with extra count of chapters
  • 15rb - 153vb
    Epitome Iuliani
  • 153vb - 159rb
    appendix B and chapter summae to the Epitome Iuliani
  • 159va
    Domini Iuliani antecessoris dictatum de consiliariis up to sentence 3
  • 159va - vb
    CJ 5,71,4 and CJ 5,71,1 in the Summa Perusina version
  • 159vb
    Epitome Aegidii (Ep. Aeg. CTh 8,5,1)
  • 159vb
    Collatio (14,2,3)
  • 159vb
    synonym glosses by a different hand, not belonging to a juridical text
  • 160ra - 161ra
    Jonas of Orléans, De institutione laicali, Cap. 8
  • 161v - 162r
    Stemma cognationum to the previous excerpt; Edictus Rothari, Cap. 153
  • 162ra - 186ra
    Lex Dei
  • 186ra - rb
    juridical questions and answers based on Isidore, Etymologiae
  • 186rb
    excerpt from Isidore, Sententiae
  • 186va
    excerpt from the praefatio of the Liber poenitentialis of Halitgar of Cambrai
  • 186va
    excerpt from Augustinus, Enchiridion de fide, spe et caritate
  • 186va
    1. Cor. 7,5, followed by an excerpt from Augustine, Enchiridion de fide, spe et caritate (Cap. 17)
  • 186vb
    Isidore, Sententiae
  • 186vb, 187vb
    Liber Proverbiorum



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