Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, G. 58 sup.

Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, G. 58 sup.

Weltliches Recht im Frankenreich


Mailand (Italy)
Biblioteca Ambrosiana
G. 58 sup.

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Note(s): Foll. 41 - 73 belong to Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. Lat. 5751, connecting to fol. 54. They were included in the Milanese codex due to a binding error. For the Vatican codex see: Mordek 1995 pp. 288, 658-659, 883-888 [PDF-Download]


9th/10th century , Bobbio (Kaiser); 3rd/4th quarter of the 9th century, presumably Bobbio (Bischoff); 2nd half of the 6th / 7th century, (North) Italy (Bobbio) (CLA)

Physical description:

Number: 75 foll.
Size: 260 x 156 mm
Text block: 195 x 130 mm
Lines: 37




  • 1r - v
  • 2r
    table of contents
  • 2v
  • 3r - 4v
    Cassiodor, Orationes (fragment, palimpsested)
  • 4v
    table of contents (as 2r)
  • 5r - 16v
    excerpts from the register of Gregory the Great
  • 16v
    letter from Pope Zosimus to the presbyterians of Ravenna
  • 17r - 28r
    Regulae ecclesiasticae (Excerpta Bobiensia)
  • 28r - 29r
    Augustinus, Epistula 250
  • 29r - v
    excerpts from Augustinus, John Chrysostom, Hieronymus and the Old Testament
  • 29r
    excerpts from Augustinus, De natura boni, De baptismo contra Donatistas, De sermone Domini in monte, Epistula 78,4, Contra Secandinum, Enarrationes in psalmos and De correptione et gratia
  • 29v
    excerpt from Hieronymus, Commentaria in Matthaeum
  • 29v
    Liber Proverbiorum 26,2 and 11,25
  • 29v
    Ecclesiasticus 4,25
  • 29v
    Deuteronomium, 23,4-5
  • 29v
    letter from Hrabanus Maurus to Emperor Louis II and the Council of Mainz (847)
  • 34v - 35r
    Canones from the Collectio Dacheriana II 25-26
  • 35r - 36r
    Canones from the Collectio Hispana
  • 36r - 39r
    Canones from the Collectio Dacheriana III 33-154
  • 39r - 39v
    excerpts from Rufinus, Historia ecclesiastica 10,2 and the Constitutum Silvestri, can. 1
  • 39v - 40r
    Canones from the Collectio Hispana
  • 40r
    edited canones from Gallic and African synods
  • 40r
    seven canons from the so-called first Synod of Saint Patrick in legal sequence
  • 40r
    Eastern, African and Gallic council canons
  • 41r
    Admonitio generalis
  • 41r - 64v
    penitential, patristic and canon pieces
  • 65r - 66r
    Roman Synod of Nicholas I (863)
  • 66r - 73v
    address of an anonymous to the marriage affair of Lothar II and to the ecclesiastical community with the discharged bishops Gunthar of Cologne and Zachary of Anagni; followed by a collection of exempla including 38 excerpts from pseudo-Isidore (recensio A 2)
  • 73v
    quote from the Gospel of John followed by Hrabanus Maurus, De clericorum institutione
  • 73v
    text of religious content in two lines
  • 74r - 75v
    Augustinus, De doctrina Christiana



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