Knowledge sites and topicality

Knowledge sites and topicality

Keeping up to date with the recent publication of relevant literature and especially of new digital images made available by the various libraries is not an easy task – especially when working not exclusively on one project. We are therefore most grateful for scholars informing us about such things and/or providing corrections or more precise information on manuscripts etc. In addition to direct interactions, social media plattforms such as Twitter have proven to be useful resources within the last few years. A lot of scientific blog posts feature there, that often also provoke fruitful discussions.

Among many other resources, one blog we frequently rely on is Jean-Baptiste Piggin’s “Macro-Typography”-blog. Here, he provides lists of the latest DigiVatLib digitizations as well as interesting observations on the manuscripts. Thom Gobbitt’s “early medieval laws and law-books“-Blog offers interesting insights about legal manuscripts with a special focus on the leges Langobardorum. And of course, there is always an active exchange between the Bibliotheca legum the capitularies project (Capitularia. Edition of the Frankish capitularies), which is also led by Karl Ubl.

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