Bibliotheca Update and announcement

Bibliotheca Update and announcement

As obvious for the recurrent user of the Bibliotheca legum, the previously announced “facelift work” has already begun. We just started updating the English site. As soon as the work is finished there and all functionalities have been restored, the German-speaking site will follow.

Besides constantly working on improving the website, the Bibliotheca legum staff will present the project as part of the poster exhibition of the annual conference of the “Netzwerk Historische Grundwissenschaften” (NHG, “Network Historical Auxiliary Sciences”) that takes place at the LMU Munich (Feb 15/16), together with some of the qualification and dissertation projects that have emerged from the project so far. Dominik Trump, M.A. will talk about marginalia and glosses in some Epitome Aegidii manuscripts (“In margine – Benutzerspuren in Handschriften der Epitome Aegidii“). Daniela Schulz will trace back the history of Cod. Guelf. 97 Weiss., applying digital methods (“Der Baustein, den die Bauleute verworfen haben? Auf den Spuren des Cod. Guelf. 97 Weiss.”). The program can be found here.

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