Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. Lat. 582

Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. Lat. 582

Weltliches Recht im Frankenreich


Vatikan (Vatican City State)
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Pal. Lat. 582

Siglum (by Mordek 1995): V

Digital image available at UB Heidelberg BAV

Note(s): The part of the manuscript Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Lat. 9654, which contains capitularies, is identical to the part in the Vatican codex. (Mordek, Kéry). The manuscript Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Barb. Lat. 635 is a slightly modified copy of Pal. Lat. 582. (Mordek)


1st half of the 10th century, North(-East) of France (near Reims?) (Mordek); 1st half of the 10th century (Bischoff)

Cathedral library Mainz (Mordek)

Physical description:

Material: Parchment
Number: 156 foll.
Size: ca. 280 x 220-225 mm
Text block: 205-210 x 140-150 mm
Lines: 32-38

Script: Caroline minuscule



  • 1 - 4
    two vitae
  • 5r - 33r, 75r - 78v, 78v - 125v
    various capitularies and council canons
  • 16v - 17v
    Lex Salica (Recapitulatio solidorum)
  • 33r - 75r
    Ansegisi abbatis capitularium collectio
  • 78v
    Lex Burgundionum (title 79 = BK 195 c. 1)
  • 78v
    Epitome Aegidii (CTh V 10 = BK 195 c. 2)
  • 126r - 139r
    pseudo-Amphilochios, Vita of Basil the Great
  • 139r - 141v
    Amalarius of Metz, Liber officialis
  • 141v - 153r
    Paulus Diaconus of Naples, Vita sanctae Mariae Aegyptiacae
  • 153v - 154r
    Passio sancti Simphoriani martiris (10th century)
  • 154v - 155v
    so-called Decretum Gelasianum (10th century)
  • 155v
    formula for handing over a son to a cloister (10th century)



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