London, British Library, Add. 22398

London, British Library, Add. 22398

Weltliches Recht im Frankenreich


London (Great Britain)
British Library
Add. 22398

Siglum (by Mordek 1995): L2
Siglum (by Eckhardt 1962): K 53

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10th century (Beyerle/Buchner); 9th/10th century or 1st quarter of the 10th century, presumably France (Mordek); fol. 2: ~3rd quarter of the 9th century, France (Bischoff); turn of the 9th to the 10th century (Eckhardt 1962 following Bischoff)

Saint Pierre de Vierzon (Kéry)

Physical description:

Material: Parchment
Number: 104 foll. (counted 2 - 105)
Size: 267 x 215 mm

Script: Caroline minuscule



  • 1r
    table of contents in French language, early modern hand (paper)
  • 2r - v
    fragment of a breviary to the Gospel of Matthew (2nd half of the 9th century); letter of Hadrian IV from January 29th 1155 (2nd half of the 12th century); Aileranus, Canon evangeliorum
  • 3ra - 55ra
    collection of capitularies of Ansegis (Praefatio, books 1-4)
  • 55rb
    texture of an uncompleted initiale (probationes pennae?, similar on fol. 104ra)
  • 55va - 68vb
    Edictum Pistense (864)
  • 69rb - 88va
    Lex Salica (Karolina emendata, list of titles and text)
  • 88va - 89vb
    Capitulare legibus additum
  • 89vb - 90va
    Capitulare missorum
  • 90va - vb
    Alkuin, Pippini regalis et nobilissimi iuvenis disputatio cum Albino scholastico, questions 1-11
  • 91ra - 104ra
    Lex Ribuaria (type B, list of titles and text)
  • 104ra - 106v
    Diversa and addenda



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